UK Esports Team Take Home 11 Medals At Commonwealth Games

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2 min readAug 9, 2022

The UK’s home nations esports teams successfully won 11 medals and the first ever Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) this weekend.

Taking place at the Birmingham International Convention Centre (ICC) the four UK teams, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland played well overall and placed second falling slightly behind Malaysia.

Esports England won a total of 5 medals including a gold for their womens Rocket League team, Esports Wales won three medals including a gold in their Rocket League open, Esports NI won three gold medals including one where they beat out England in the Dota 2 open and also a gold in womens eFootball. Falling slighly behind was Esports Scotland who earned two silver medals.

Though a great effort, none of the four UK teams were able to beat Malaysia who scored three gold medals leading them to top the league tables.

The championship was first announced earlier in 2022, the weekend event was organised in collaboration with the Global Esports Federation and the Commonwealth Games Federation. All home nations also competed between the 2nd and 7th of August 2022 to coincide with the physical Commonwealth Games also held in Englands second city, Birmingham.

Esports England played extremely well in the Dota 2 open, however, after several close games, they could not beat out Malaysia. Team England scored silver in both the Dota 2 open and the womens series causing both sides to play against Malaysia for the gold.

Notable performances came from Team Northern Ireland player, Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose who won secured the gold in the womens eFootball tournament. She is said to have played with style and humility and won against Team Wales Amey Fisher.

Similar to Northern Ireland, Wales showed that eFootball is clear a UK strength. Wales made their mark in eFootball by winning silver in the womens league and bronze in the eFootball open. Wales also showed their strength by winning gold in the Rocket League open.

Whilst the results are impressive, the event was not without its issues. With the event being the first of its kind there were a few creases that needed to be ironed out. One of the main complaints was the format of the games themselves. This meant late format changes, a lack of broadcasting and a lack of communication. Although it was also said that the equipment provided was of excellent quality.

Overall, the Commonwealth Esports Championships led all four UK teams to success and we will likely see esports pop up in the 2026 Victoria Commonwealth Championships too.



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