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2 min readMay 22, 2023

In a thrilling grand final held in Paris, Team Vitality emerged triumphant, securing a resounding 2–0 victory over GamerLegion at the BLAST Paris Major. The win not only marked Vitality’s first Major title but also solidified their place in history as the final CS:GO world champions.

As the game prepares to make way for the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 later this year, Vitality’s performance showcased their dominance.

The grand final commenced on Overpass, where Team Vitality showcased their preparedness and determination. Demonstrating a display of skill and teamwork, they swiftly secured a commanding 16–6 win, leaving GamerLegion struggling to keep up. This early victory set the stage for Vitality’s march toward claiming the championship title.

The action shifted to Nuke for the second map, where the competition intensified. GamerLegion put up a strong fight, building a 6–4 lead after ten rounds — matching their total rounds from the first map. With the half concluding, GamerLegion extended their advantage to 10–5. However, Vitality refused to concede defeat, mounting an impressive comeback in the second half to level the score at 13–13. Seizing crucial rounds at pivotal moments, Vitality ultimately emerged victorious with a 16–13 triumph, securing their status as the Major champions.

Alongside the prestigious Major trophy and the title of the final CS:GO world champions, Team Vitality also claimed a substantial prize of $500,000. Meanwhile, GamerLegion, while falling short of the championship, secured a commendable consolation prize of $170,000 for their efforts.

Entering the tournament as one of the favorites and with the added pressure of performing in their home city of Paris, Team Vitality proved themselves from the outset.

Critics may argue that Vitality’s path to the Major victory involved best-of-three matches against teams ranked 13th, 28th, 19th, and 22nd in the world. However, it is essential to recognise that a team can only defeat the opponents presented before them. In nearly every match, Vitality showcased their superiority — leaving no doubt about their rightful claim to the championship.

With the BLAST Paris Major now concluded, the competitive era of CS:GO has reached its end. Majors will no longer be held in CS:GO, as the community eagerly awaits the launch of Counter-Strike 2 in 2024. This impending transition will prompt professional players.

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