NFT Esports Platform Officially Launches

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2 min readAug 23, 2022

IKONIC is a platform that is dedicated to NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) as esports and gaming collectable items. The platform has announced its official launch and is open for those interested.

The IKONIC platform gives players, teams, content creators and fans the oppertunity to buy, sell and trade NFT within a makretplace. The platform will also give players the option to create their own NFT’s based upon their gameplay highlights. IKONIC uses blockchain technology to turn those highlights into digital collectables.

The idea of creating NFT’s from gameplay highlights is to encourage fans and players to collect their favourite gameplay moments and connect with one another through the platform.

The companies website claims that “the IKONIC platform brings gamers and esports celebrities together to create, collect and earn from the best moments across gaming and metaverse ecosystems.”

Introducing the metaverse into esports and mainstream gaming is likely to change the way people interact with tournaments and streams of gameplay. Whilst esports tournaments are usually held in large convention arenas, there is a high likelihood of future events being held digitally — particularly in the metaverse.

According to IKONIC, players can easily create NFT’s in just a few clicks and immediately have them listed on the dedicated marketplace. The company has its own $IKONIC token which will be used as a key to unlock rewards for fans and players alike. It will also offer discounts and bonuses within the IKONIC platform.

The use of NFT’s within games has been on the rise since the beginning of the year. With the rise of play to earn gaming, NFT’s have began to become a fundamental part of online gaming.



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