G2 Esports Announces All-Female League of Legends Team

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2 min readSep 2, 2022

Esports team G2 has announced its brand new all-female League of Legends team. The team is one of the first of its kind and is looking to showcase female talent across the Esports industry.

The team, named ‘Hel, gets it name from the daughter of Loki from Norse mythology. G2 Hel follows the brands new naming system, which names the teams after the names of female warriors or mythological figures. Much like other G2 team, Gozen got its name from Tomoe Gozen who was a 12th-century onna-musha. The squad is made up by the best and well-established female esports talents in League of Legends. This includes:

  • Olivia ‘Oliza’ Nnenna Calistue
  • Agné ‘Karina’ Ivaškevičiūtė
  • Maya ‘Caltys’ Henckel
  • Ève ‘Colomblbl’ Monvosin
  • Alena ‘TIFA’ Maurer.

Hel is following G2’s other all-female Valorant team G2 Gozen which was formed last year. Both teams are quickly proving G2’s commitment to expanding the visibility of female esports players. The creation of the teams is also a part of G2’s goal to have female and male players compete against one another in the future.

Member of Hel, Maya Henckel holds the title of the highest female League of Legends player and has the highest amount of experience for a team with mixed rosters.

G2 Esports founder and CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez said:

“At G2, we build teams and bring in top players based on skills, talent and brand fit — regarding gender of orientation”

The news comes after many rumours about Riot Games considering adding a women’s League of Legends global esports roster and tournament. Whilst Riot Games are not considering a global tournament, they are considering an isolated competition for female players.

With this news, all eyes are starting to move towards other esports brands who may wish to follow suit — especially after criticisms of esports being overly male-dominated.



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